Five fun facts about Gina G’s classes

FITPOD fitness trainer Gina G’s high-energy group fitness classes are loads of a fun and a fantastic workout for your whole body! Gina tells us a few things you need to know about her classes before signing up…

  • Before signing anyone up, Gina takes time to discuss the client’s individual fitness goals and offers them a free trial session to see if they enjoy the environment.
  • Mondays are for lower body, Wednesdays for upper body and funky Fridays are all about cardio and conditioning – but every single class focusses on strength, endurance and fitness.
  • Gina offers ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ versions for most of her exercises to cater for everyone – from the beginner to the super fit and strong.
  • Gina emphasises the importance of working various parts of your body in different planes (front and back and side-to-side) to keep the injuries and niggles at bay – and executing the exercises using the correct form and technique.
  • Nutrition plays a huge role in your health and fitness journey. Gina advises clients to remember that even the ‘healthy’ foods can be bad if eaten in excess. “Watch your portion control and try change your lifestyle rather than doing fad diets!”

For more information on Gina’s classes or to sign up visit her page here!