Ruschka Simionato explores belly dance’s femininity, creativity, and cultural depth.

Belly dancing is about embracing your femininity and creativity and allowing yourself to connect with the music and yourself. FITPOD belly dancing instructor, Ruschka Simionato of Red Veil Studio shares a few interesting things you might not know about this ancient dance form …  

  • Belly dancing originated as a pre-war dance for males in Egypt. It has evolved over the years to become a very feminine form of dance that is sometimes even used during childbirth.
  • Drums are a big part of belly dancing, with the dancer and drummer often interacting and playing a ‘game’ with one another. 
  • You absolutely do not need to have a ‘supermodel’ body to do belly dancing. Belly dancing is for all shapes and sizes. It’s about how you interpret the music and how you feel in your own skin. 
  • Belly dancing forces you to get over your self-consciousness, builds your sense of confidence and allows you to feel free, beautiful and fluid. It’s important to remember that you are doing it for no one else, other than yourself. 

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