Interesting facts about Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dance instructor Suvina Mahadaw’s vibey dance and ‘Bollyfit’ classes have become increasingly popular at FITPOD. We asked Suvina to tell us about some of the things that set her classes apart from other dance forms.

  • It’s loads of fun and not as much about structure and discipline as other dance forms.
  • It’s intense, fast, energetic and vigorous, but also includes a lot of stretching and flexibility.
  • Like with most things, consistency is key if you want to get better.
  • Bollyfit classes are about having loads of fun while getting fit. You don’t even realise you’re exercising and losing weight!
  • We welcome male dancers and encourage guys to join in and enjoy this dance form.


For more information on Bollywood Dance with Suvina or to sign up visit her page here!