Discover the Joy of Dance: Jemma Badenhorst’s Freedom Dance Classes at FITPOD

Former professional dancer and pop singer Jemma Badenhorst started Freedom Dance with the goal of creating a safe, welcoming space for people who simply want to dance. Her adult dance classes at FITPOD are open to anyone, from complete beginners to former dancers who want to dance again, just for the love of it. She shares a few things she thinks everyone should know about her dance classes:  


  • It’s never too late to follow your passion – if you want to dance, just start! 
  • Dancing doesn’t have to be serious or stressful – it can really just be about having fun.
  • Dancing is a great stress reliever, and you’re usually having so much fun that you don’t even realise how many calories you’re burning!
  • The Freedom Dance community is incredibly welcoming, and we’ve been intentional about creating a safe, judgement-free environment.  
  • There is no pressure to get things right. Come in for a lesson and learn a quick routine, then go back to your normal life. If you miss a class, you won’t have to catch anything up. Just come when you can!  
  • Wedding dance lessons are not stressful at all. The focus is not on making sure you get every step right, it’s about equipping you with the basics and a few ‘tricks’, so you can feel confident on your special day. 
  • Freedom Dance is about being yourself while having fun and doing something you love. 


For more information on Freedom Dance with Jemma or to sign up visit her page here!