Movement Warriors

As a former ballet dancer, Tenielle Mans was immediately drawn to BASI Pilates. “The flexibility, joint rotation and overall movements are all incredibly similar to ballet, which is why it came really easily to me.”
But it was only once she started to fully comprehend the overall health benefits of this remarkable practice that Tenielle decided she wanted to teach it to others.
Based at FITPOD at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Tenielle shares her knowledge, skill and expertise with the students in both her group and individual classes.
Although originally from Durban, Tenielle only recently relocated back to the area after spending a number of years working and living in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
After studying marketing, media and communications, Tenielle did her formal BASI Pilates training with the head of BASI South Africa in Pretoria. She completed her practical and observation training hours at a studio in Camps Bay.
When she moved to Johannesburg in 2016, Tenielle started teaching as a fully qualified BASI Pilates instructor. While COVID did slow things down a bit, it didn’t stop her business from growing. “I taught a lot of online classes and quickly realised how important continuing to do Pilates was for both mine and my students’ mental health. I was so grateful to be able to continue teaching and grow my business to include clients from around the world.”
When her husband was transferred to Durban a year ago, the couple settled back in KZN and Tenielle started offering group and individual classes at FITPOD. She also still offers online classes.
Bubbly, outgoing and extroverted, Tenielle believes the relationship between a client and an instructor is incredibly important and often underrated. Her connection with her clients allows them to relax and focus on the Pilates. This, she says, is how she is able to see what they are truly capable of.
“I don’t separate my advanced, intermediate and beginner students. Safety is my top priority, and I would never allow anyone to hurt themselves or do anything they aren’t ready to do, but it’s important for them to see what they are working towards. I am not afraid to push them to where I believe they can go.”
Tenielle loves teaching at the Pilates Pod at FITPOD, particularly because of the world-class BASI systems equipment on site. “This is by far the best equipment I have ever worked with. The studio’s location is fantastic and my clients love having Coffee Lab downstairs and being able to pop to the shop after class.”
While it is important to remain focussed and maintain a mind-body connection during Pilates sessions, Tenielle says it is just as important to her that her clients enjoy themselves, laugh and have fun. It is only when you are relaxed and comfortable that you can get the most out of your workout.
Her favourite part of being a Pilates instructor is knowing just how much good it is doing for her clients and seeing that ‘aha!’ moment when it clicks for each person.
“Pilates founder Joseph Pilates famously says that it takes ten sessions for you to feel a difference in your body, twenty sessions to see a difference and thirty sessions for you to have a whole new body. Pilates is about so much more than the way you look. It’s about connecting with and strengthening the deepest part of yourself. Looking great is just a bonus!”



Private and semi-private sessions are available on request.


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