A self-confessed workaholic who is passionate about teaching Pilates – when Angelique’s alarm goes off at 4am every morning, she can’t wait to get into the studio!
At twenty-nine years old, the former professional bodybuilder and personal trainer found her soul’s true path when she stepped into her first Pilates class at FITPOD, a few years ago.
Now she not only runs her highly successful Sculpt Pilates studio in Westville, but also offers weekly group and one-on-one classes at FITPOD as well. 
Born in the Free State, Angie (as she’s better known) and her family moved to the Upper Highway area in KZN when she was six years old. After school she studied personal training and then found herself in the world of professional, competitive bodybuilding.
“I did different forms of personal training, including HIIT, weight training and EMS. I started competing in bodybuilding and got my SA colours. I even travelled to Slovakia to compete with the SA team, which was an amazing experience, but made me realise that I was a very small fish in a big sea of talent.” 
Angie became a personal trainer at the Virgin Active gym in Westville and built up a loyal client base during her four years there. When COVID hit, she continued training a number of her clients at their homes and when the lockdown was extended, set up a gym of her own.
Despite having never done a class in her life, Angie says one night she woke up with Pilates in her head. “I had this strong urge and somehow just knew I had to teach it.”
The next day, after doing some research, she signed up for a BASI Pilates instructor’s course being run by Tash B Pilates at FITPOD. Three days later, she stepped into her first Pilates class. “I remember walking up the stairs thinking ‘I want this to be my life, I love it here’,” she says. After the first exercise, Angie was completely hooked. “It just clicked for me from the first movement.”
Angie completed a comprehensive BASI Pilates instructor’s course, including over 100 hours of observation and practical teaching. She slowly started converting her personal training clients into Pilates clients, built a bigger studio and added a few second-hand machines.
Now Sculpt Pilates in Westville (including Angie and her second instructor) trains up to 10 hours a day, and Fridays are exclusively for Angie’s Ballito clients at FITPOD.
Sculpt Pilates classes, while still remaining true to BASI Pilates principles, include some weight training and a little ‘cardio flow’ as well. “I don’t compromise on form, focus or structure, but I do like to add a little ‘spice’! I am quite strict, some might say even a little sadistic,” she laughs, “but I always include some humour and fun in between! My goal is for every client to get the most out of each session. I have very close relationships with all my clients, which I think is incredibly important.”
When she’s not working (or practicing Pilates alongside the pool at home), Angie is spending time with her two four-legged children (her dogs). She enjoys spending time in nature, hiking and being on the beach, but also says she loves a good ‘couch rot day’ with pizza and Netflix from time to time. “I’m all about exercise and green smoothies, but I do believe life needs to be balanced!”



Private and semi-private sessions are available on request.


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