Passionate dance instructors at Dance Café, sharing social dancing insights.

Enthusiastic, dedicated and eager to pass on their skills, dance instructors Colin Mandell and Terri Taylor teach various forms of social dance from their Dance Café studio at FITPOD. Here they share a few things you might not know about social dancing…

  • Social dancing is one of the safest, most organic ways to meet new partners.
  • Extensive studies have shown that social (lead and follow) dancing hugely reduces the onset of dementia.
  • Although most cultures have dancing as part of their cultural traditions, partnered dancing only exists in a few. One of those is ‘sokkie’ in South Africa and another is the Argentine Tango.
  • Anyone can learn to dance. Many people think they have ‘two left feet’ and often arrive for a first lesson with this mindset … but anyone can get up, move and have fun!
  • Unbelievably, line dancing is not just a ‘country and Western’ genre. It often comprises other forms of dance like the Waltz, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing, Samba, Salsa etc.

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