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It was after attending just one yoga class, while she was still at school, that Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor Robynne-Leigh McNeill fell in love with the practice.
Driven by a desire to share her passion for yoga and ‘pay forward’ the life-changing effects it’s had on her health and wellness, she later qualified as a Registered Yoga Trainer RYT200 (with over 200 hours of teacher training) from the House of Om in Bali.

A Durban girl through-and-through, Robynne was born in Westville and spent most of her life moving around Durban, barring a quick, two-year stint in Johannesburg.
She qualified as a somatologist after school but decided to pursue a career in the corporate world instead, where she now works in accounts half-day, and does graphic design, yoga and dancing in her spare time.

It has always been on her yoga mat, though, that Robynne says she finds her peace, focus and calm. “I never imagined that I would become a yoga teacher, but over the years, yoga has helped me overcome anxiety and find my grounding and sense of calm. I really wanted to share that feeling with others. I started teaching straight after I qualified and have loved it ever since.”

She now offers weekly Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes at the gorgeous FITPOD studios, where, she says, anyone is welcome.

“Yoga offers a safe space for absolutely anyone who is open to it. It’s a space to feel, breathe and just be, which, in today’s age, is very hard to find. So many people are consumed by the manic rush of everyday life and societal pressures – we need this kind of space now more than ever before.”

From the vast and profound physical benefits to improving your mental health, Robynne believes that everyone should incorporate yoga into their lifestyle and health regime to allow them grounding and to come back ‘home’ to themselves. “Whoever you are there is a place for you in a yoga class . . . and there is a place for yoga in your life.”




08:00 – 09:00 (Flow Yoga)


BOOKINGS : 061 114 4277


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