Beats with Alyssa

Dancing has always been an integral part of Alyssa Pillay’s life. In fact, Alyssa’s mom often jokes that she learned to dance before she even learned to walk.
Now a FITPOD instructor, teaching Modern Bollywood dance to young students, it seems dancing is still as important to Alyssa as it was all those years ago when she first started at the age of five.
“It’s a bit of a cliché, that all little girls in Indian families dance, but while many young girls step away from it as they get older, I chose to incorporate dancing into my adult life as well. I just love it so much and dancing truly plays an important role in my life,” Alyssa says, smiling. 
Growing up on the North Coast in Shakaskraal with her parents and older brother, Alyssa joined the Sindy Muruvan School of Dance in Tongaat when she was five years old. From then on, her weekends revolved around dancing.
“My life was all about lessons, shows and gigs. My parents were incredibly supportive, but also always ensured that I was living a balanced life. Dancing was never allowed to get in the way of school or studies.”
Dancing for different audiences at various charity shows, weddings and parties from a young age did wonders for Alyssa’s confidence and experience. After school she was invited to ‘shadow’ her instructor and started teaching younger kids. She loved it.
A few years later, when Alyssa (who did a BCom degree, majoring in Human Resources) was working in the finance department at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, she approached management and asked if she could be an instructor at the soon-to-open FITPOD studios.  And so began her journey at FITPOD.
A natural ‘people’s person’, Alyssa is participating in a management development program at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, which sees her spending time in various different departments. She’s loving her current base, at FITPOD.
Alyssa offers Modern Bollywood dance classes on the weekends and says that everyone is welcome! “Modern Bollywood is about embracing the change in dance style and music in Bollywood. It’s more ‘vibey’ and fun and a great way to escape the seriousness of life!”
With most of her students between the ages of 18 and 24, there is a lot of collaboration and sharing of ideas between Alyssa and her dancers. “We share reels, routine ideas and even TikTok dances that we can try in class on our Whatsapp group. It’s a great way for these young students to destress, stay fit and meet like-minded people.”
Alyssa also offers one-on-one classes for more mature dancers who might not want to join the younger group, or for those who are a little shy and not quite sure if they will enjoy it or not. “I encourage people to come and give it a try and see if it’s a fit for them. People always tell me they can’t dance, but I don’t’ believe them. We are meant to move our bodies and absolutely everyone can dance – if you just keep trying!”




10:00 – 11:00 (Modern/Western Dance (Teens))


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