FITPOD’s Tenielle Mans advocates Pilates for holistic health and wellness.

FITPOD Pilates instructor Tenielle Mans shares the reasons why she believes everyone should incorporate Pilates into their health and wellness regime.

  • Pilates is a great way to compliment and improve almost any sport. It helps you understand your body better and you can even do sport-specific programmes.
  • Pilates focusses on flexibility, mobility, control, focus and the mind-body connection. No other exercise gets you to connect with and strengthen the deepest parts of yourself to this extent.
  • Pilates is fantastic for injury prevention and to improve your range of motion because it lengthens your muscles.
  • Pilates helps with balance, promotes longevity and helps you with day-to-day movements like reaching up to high shelves or bending down to pick up groceries.
  • Pilates is not easy … but most people do like a challenge!
  • Pilates helps relieve general aches and pains, improves your posture and is fantastic for post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Pilates can be fun! It doesn’t have to be slow and serious all the time and you can definitely get your heart rate up a little!

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