Bollywood dance pro Alyssa Pillay encourages all to embrace dance.

Modern Bollywood dance instructor Alyssa Pillay believes everyone can dance. The FITPOD instructor is enthusiastic about helping young people find their rhythm, let loose and enjoy the music! Here are top reasons why everyone should dance:

  • Everyone CAN dance! If you try long enough, you’ll discover your ‘lightbulb moment’ where everything just clicks, and you realise you CAN do it!
  • Dancing is a proven stress reliever (and we all need that these days). When you are stressed – dance it out!
  • You can learn so much from dancing – discipline, balance, attention, focus and structure. All of this will help with your studies, work and family life.
  • You do not have to learn long, complicated routines. Just come to a class, learn a quick ‘TikTok’ dance and off you go! Remember – it is all for fun.
  • My classes are about sharing ideas and helping each other out. There is a sense of community and belonging. My goal is to ensure that all of my clients feel happy at the end of every class. I want them to feel like it was worth it to them to get up, get dressed and show up!

For more information on Bollywood Dance with Alyssa or to sign up visit her page here!