5 things you need to know about Pilates…

Passionate about all-things-Pilates, specialist anaesthetist and FITPOD Pilates instructor Luelle Roberts strongly believes this type of movement should be a part of every person’s health regime. Here she shares some reasons why you should start Pilates today …

  1. The power of Pilates lies in your mind. You need to consciously use your brain to unlock those deep-seated core muscles (not just your abdominals), which means your brain is key to achieving maximum benefit to your body.
  2. Every BASI Pilates session (whether it is mat or equipment) works through all areas of your body (feet, legs, hips, abdominals, back and arms). By incorporating a warmup, spinal articulation, stretches and full body integration, Pilates strengthens the WHOLE body from within.
  3. Pilates encompasses intentional activation of the muscles that stabilize all of our joints in all of our limbs – leading to improvement in all aspects of one’s life.
  4. Core muscle strength and overall spinal and joint flexibility from Pilates triggers postural awareness and results in marked improvement during normal daily activities (sitting, standing and walking).
  5. Pilates is a fantastic way to compliment and support all other physical activities (including, but not limited to sports like running, cycling, paddling and golf).


3 tips for achieving the most benefit from your Pilates session:

  1. Be mindful of performing each exercise with precision and intention – it’s not about chasing a heart rate target!
  2. Execute the few repetitions slowly and accurately rather than ‘how many and how fast’.
  3. Breathe, breathe, breathe … and dig deep into your breath for strength!

For more information on the Pilates Pod with Luelle Roberts or to sign up visit her page here!